W3 C0m3 In P3ac3 EP out now on In Da Jungle

Nation Of Droids EP sleeve - In Da Jungle

W3 C0m3 In P3ac3, Our Debut EP released on In Da Jungle on the 16th of april ’22 on all your digital platforms.

All tracks were played with live instruments, without the use of a sequencer. We are a live band, and the goal was to reflect this in the music.

Cat: IDJR 319
Released: April 16, 2022


  1. W3 C0m3 In P3ac3 – 04:18 – 157 bpm
  2. A5tr0lab – 03:29 – 178 bpm
  3. B3Wat3r – 04:11 – 178 bpm

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W3 C0m3 1n P3ac3


All tracks written and composed by R. Geeraerts, M. Moegele, and J. Serck.
R3G on the drums, M1k on the guitar aka the bass, J01 on the harmonica & melodica.
Additional synths & vocals by R3G (1), & vocals by J01 (3).
Recorded, edited & mixed in 2021 at Low Man’s Land studios, Brussels Belgium, by J. Michel. Mastering by beatrising.

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